Kappa Delta Pi

This is the honor society of, about, and for educators. The University of Michigan's chapter is Tau Epsilon. The viability and strength of Kappa Delta Pi is in the membership of its chapters. Therefore, chapters should be lively, vibrant organizations with many enthusiastic and creative members involved in relevant and exciting activities, events, programs, projects, and opportunities. Using information gained through monthly member meetings, and lessons learned form its own history, Tau Epsilon Chapter members take pride in the projects offered through out their chapter programming. Chapter members regularly practice the fourth ideal of Toil represented in the society emblem by the beehive. Busy as bees all year long, chapter members choose their level of involvement according to their time and interests. The chapter provides opportunities every month in several areas of programming. The goal of the chapter is to provide professional development, which equips its members to deliver community service, which is made possible by monies obtained through fund-raising activities.

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