Graduate Organization of Students in Higher Education

The purpose of the Graduate Organization of Students in Higher Education (GOSHE) is to promote the academic, social, and professional development of future leaders in the field of higher education.

Our mission includes:

• Building a strong sense of inclusive community among Master’s students, Doctoral students, faculty, and staff within CSHPE and also the School of Education and University of Michigan.

• Fostering social interaction through sponsorship of social gatherings.

• Articulating and representing students' opinions, experiences, and perceptions regarding department policies and procedures.

• Promoting professional development and research sharing opportunities.

• Facilitating outreach projects to serve the academic and local community.

GOSHE sponsors a diverse array of professional development, academic, and social events each semester. Examples of activities include: Football tailgates, Ice Skating, Lunches with Faculty, Higher Education Research Workshops, Resume Reviews, Networking Events, Annual Chili Cook-Off and End-of-Semester Celebrations.

If you have questions about the organization or are interested in becoming involved, please email the GOSHE student co-chairs.

Hannah Meador, master's co-chair

Laura Wester, master's co-chair

Nicole Wilson, doctoral co-chair