Student Organizations

Learning and Education Technology at the School of Information (LETSI)

LETSI exists at the intersection of People, Technology, and Learning/Education. The primary mission of LETSI is to promote collaboration between designers and practitioners interested in edtech and build a community to facilitate such collaboration. Read more »

Becoming Educators of Tomorrow

B.E.T. has the mission of promoting, fostering and sustaining a strong community of ethnically diverse students and faculty within the School of Education. In partnership with other student organizations and campus entities who value diversity and social justice, B.E.T. holds events and programs that highlight scholarship surrounding issues of the underprivileged and underrepresented. Read more »

Community College Interdisciplinary Research Forum

This graduate-student-run Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop is dedicated to the expanding field of community college research. Membership includes both master's and doctoral students from a range of disciplines who are interested in community college research and practice. Read more »

Education + Business

Education + Business connects graduate students from across campus interested in the education sector with each other, Michigan alumni, and local and national education organizations. Through dynamic programming, our club aims to create dialogue about pressing challenges and opportunities related to the future of K-12 and higher education. Initiated by students at the Ross School of Business, E+B welcomes all graduate students from the University of Michigan to participate in events and join our community. Read more »

Global Education Discussion Group (GEDG)

Through its activities, the School of Education's Global Education Discussion Group (GEDG) works to generate greater participation in global research opportunities and collaborations across national borders. Read more »

Graduate Organization of Students in Higher Education

The purpose of the Graduate Organization of Students in Higher Education (GOSHE) is to promote the academic, social, and professional development of future leaders in the field of higher education. Read more »

Graduate Student Community Organization (GSCO)

The mission of the Graduate Student Community Organization is to cultivate the constant improvement of graduate student support, representation, and communication within the School of Education. It strives to strengthen the relationships among graduate students within and across programs in the school, to facilitate information sharing among graduate students, school administration, faculty, and staff, and to support graduate students in the sometime tortuous process of attaining their degree. Read more »

Higher Education Applied Research (HEAR)

Higher Education Applied Research (HEAR) is an interdisciplinary speaker series at the University of Michigan that brings together higher education scholars, administrators, and practitioners to examine issues related to college access, diversity, and success. Read more »

Kappa Delta Pi

This is the honor society of, about, and for educators. The University of Michigan's chapter is Tau Epsilon. Read more »

Opportunities to Educate Children

Opportunities to Educate Children (OEC) seeks to promote and provide educational access for children in Washtenaw County by means of weekly tutoring and mentoring from University of Michigan Students. Read more »

Pan-African Student Union (PASU) Partnership

The Pan-African (PASU) Partnership is a mentoring organization formed to create a relationship between high school students of color and students at the University. One of our main goal is to help prepare these students to attend any university of their choosing. This organization will be used as a safe space for students to discuss different issues including but not limited to- racism, politics, and what it means to be a student of color in a predominantly white space. Read more »


rEDesign is a group of University of Michigan students who design & implement innovative projects and events to make a difference in education systems. Our mission is to engage college students with diverse academic concentrations and backgrounds in the effort to redesign public education by the conception and implementation of new and relevant programs, projects, and policies. Read more »

Social Work and Education Collaboration

The Social Work and Education Collaboration (SWEC) is a student organization run by graduate students in the School of Social Work and the School of Education. The organization establishes a community for students entering the fields of Education and Social Work and will focus on bridging service gaps in education, creating a professional learning community, and gaining a deeper understanding of issues that impact students. Read more »

Student Rights Project

The Student Rights Project (SRP) is a pro bono project comprised of graduate students in the University of Michigan’s schools of law, social work, and education. In partnership with the Student Advocacy Center (SAC), we advocate for K-12 students facing suspension or expulsion in Southeast Michigan. Our advocacy model is holistic to empower youth and families throughout the school disciplinary process, to connect students with community support networks, and to limit the use and negative consequences of exclusionary discipline. SRP also organizes and promotes activities designed to challenge institutional threats to educational opportunities for all Michigan children, including reviewing school codes of conduct through the School Code Project. Read more »

The School of Education Community Corps

The mission of the SOE Community Corps is to create opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage with and support the SOE community in the areas of student development and philanthropy. Read more »