Research Tag: Teaching And Learning

Person: Lisa R. Lattuca

Grant: QUASAR Project (Quantitative Understanding: Amplifying Student Achievement and Reasoning)

Grant: Assessing Reflective Thinking within Curricular Contexts

Grant: Learning to read Chinese: Effects of metalinguistic knowledge and volume of reading on the acquisition of literacy in a nonalphabetic writing system

Grant: Title VII Training for All Teachers

Grant: Language, symbol structure, and cognitive development

Grant: Developing a Practice-Based Theory of Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching

Grant: Project Instituto-Brasil Estados Unidos 2003

Grant: Middle School Science Curriculum Materials: Meeting Standards and Fostering Inquiry using Learning Technologies

Grant: Teaching Practices to Promote Science Understanding through Inquiry and Technology in Urban Schools

Grant: Fostering Pedagogical Reasoning in Prospective Elementary Teachers

Grant: CAREER: Reasoning in high school geometry classrooms: Understanding the practical logic underlying the teacher's work.

Grant: Center for Teaching and Learning - Developing Leadership Capacity in Science Curriculum Development - an American Association for the Advancement of Science/National Science Foundation grant

Grant: The Influence of First and Second Hand Investigations on Learning Opportunities and Outcomes in Inquiry-Based Science in the Elementary School

Grant: A Digital IdeaKeeper for K-12: NSDL Scaffolded Portal Services for Information Analysis and Synthesis

Grant: Design, Validation, and Dissemination of Measures of Content Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics

Grant: Design, Validation, and Dissemination of Measures of Content Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics

Grant: Components of Effective Professional Development in Reading for First-Grade Teachers and Their Students

Grant: Scaling Expert Knowledge and Practice for Teaching Elementary School Students

Grant: Design Guidelines for Learner-Centered Scaffolding on Handheld Computers

Grant: Oral Reading Fluency: Issues of Assessment and Implications for Classroom Instruction - A Spencer Foundation grant

Grant: Liberal Arts Education: A Study of Practices and Outcomes (National Study of Liberal Arts Education)

Grant: Using Practice as a Site to Learn Mathematics for Teaching: Developing Materials, Approaches, and Professional Community

Grant: Learning Complex Performance in, from, and for Practice: Implications for Teaching and Teacher Education

Grant: Mobile Eye-Tracking Methods to Study Teacher Situation Awareness

Grant: Making Room for Student Thinking: Using automated feedback, video-based professional development, and evidence-based practice recommendations to improve mathematical discussions

Grant: The Iterative Development of Modules to Support Teachers' Engagement in Exploring Language and Meaning in Text with English-Language Learners

Grant: ELECTS—Elementary Educative Curricula for Teachers of Science—Investigating teachers' Learning, Practice, and Efficacy Using Effective Curriculum Materials across Scientific Disciplines

Grant: Description of Reading Instruction Study

Grant: Measures of Effective Teaching Longitudinal Database

Grant: Building Practical Infrastructure for Learning to Teach the Common Core: Video Exemplars, Curriculum Packages, and Assessments

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