Research Tag: Professional Development

Person: Janet H. Lawrence

Person: Cathy Hindman Reischl

Grant: Use of Video in Teacher Development

Grant: Developing Coherence Between Assessment and Reform: A Role for Hermeneutics in the Licensing and Professional Development of Teachers

Grant: Peer Review of Teaching

Grant: The Teacher Knowledge Project: San Francisco Unified School District

Grant: Project Instituto-Brasil Estados Unidos 2003

Grant: The Teacher Knowledge Project: Madison Wisconsin School District

Grant: Components of Effective Professional Development in Reading for First-Grade Teachers and Their Students

Grant: Assessing the Impact of Principals' Professional Development: Evaluation of the National Institute for School Leadership

Grant: Project Great Start Professional Development Initiative

Grant: Supporting Literacy Coaches to Teach Middle School Subject Matter Teachers to Help Their Students Learn Subject Matter from Informational Texts

Grant: Supporting Inquiry Learning in Science Thru Technology

Grant: The Impact of Online Professional Development: An Experimental Study of Professional Development Modalities Linked to Curriculum

Grant: MELT Training - a Massachusetts Department of Education Office of English Language Acquisition grant

Grant: Measuring Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching: Evaluation Module Development and Dissemination - a National Science Foundation grant

Grant: Teacher Learning Framework - a Wisconsin Center for Educational Research/WIDA Consortium grant

Grant: Math and Science Partnership - Motivation Assessment Program II (MSP-MAP II) Teacher Motivation Professional Development - a National Science Foundation grant

Grant: Deep Think: Thinking Deeply about Biodiversity and Ecology

Grant: ELECTS—Elementary Educative Curricula for Teachers of Science—Investigating teachers' Learning, Practice, and Efficacy Using Effective Curriculum Materials across Scientific Disciplines

Grant: NWP Teacher Leadership SEED

Grant: EL Teach Analytics and Policy Development

Project: Dev-TE@M

Center: TeachingWorks

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