Research Tag: K 12

Person: Chandra L. Alston

Person: Bob Bain

Person: Gina N. Cervetti

Person: Brian P. McCall

Person: Allison M. Ryan

Person: Michaela Zint

Grant: The Detroit Public Schools Progress Report

Grant: Investigating the Learning of New Elementary Science Teachers

Grant: The Teacher Knowledge Project: San Francisco Unified School District

Grant: Exploring the Portfolios of NBPTS Candidates in Middle School Mathematics and Science

Grant: Multimodal human computer interaction: Toward a proactive computer tutoring system

Grant: PECASE/CAREER: Making a Case for New Elementary Science Teachers

Grant: The Teacher Knowledge Project: Madison Wisconsin School District

Grant: The Influence of First and Second Hand Investigations on Learning Opportunities and Outcomes in Inquiry-Based Science in the Elementary School

Grant: Developing the Next Generation of Middle School Science Materials - Investigating and Questioning our World through Science and Technology

Grant: Scaling Expert Knowledge and Practice for Teaching Elementary School Students

Grant: Improving English Language Arts (ELA) Teacher Quality in Middle School - a State of Michigan Department of Education grant

Grant: Developing an Integrative Assessment System for Elementary Teacher Education

Grant: Scarlett Middle School Laptop Program Evaluation

Grant: Evaluation of Charter and Magnet Schools in Boston

Grant: MET/TK: Planning, Delivery, and Analysis

Grant: ELECTS—Elementary Educative Curricula for Teachers of Science—Investigating teachers' Learning, Practice, and Efficacy Using Effective Curriculum Materials across Scientific Disciplines

Grant: Higher Education-DPS Consortium

Grant: Description of Reading Instruction Study

Grant: Measures of Effective Teaching Longitudinal Database

Grant: Student Teaching: Where and How Long

Grant: Detroit Schools-Higher Education Consortium (DS-HEC)

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