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Grant: The Michigan Five Star Program

Grant: University Strategic Plan at Eastern Michigan University

Grant: Becoming a Multiculturally Competent Student Affairs Professional

Grant: The Kellogg Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good

Grant: Higher Education Partnership Between the University of Minnesota and Azerbaijan International University

Grant: Evaluation of PFF-GAAN Program

Grant: Faculty Satisfaction Survey

Grant: Summer Executive Education Program for Higher Education Administrators from Tianjin, China

Grant: Institutes on Public University Governance

Grant: Liberal Arts Education: A Study of Practices and Outcomes (National Study of Liberal Arts Education)

Grant: Policy Formation and the Rationalization of European Higher Education: Metapolicies in Comparative Context

Grant: Case Studies and Best Practices for HBCU Institutions

Grant: Reframing the Conversation on Immigration: A Proposal calling for Dialogue on how policies and practices of immigration affect educational access and civic participation

Grant: Challenges & Opportunities: Conversations about Immigration and Higher Education

Grant: Reframing the Conversation on Immigration

Grant: Stratification by Race and Gender: Tracking Change Across Four NCES Datasets

Grant: Contextual Research-Large Empirical: Racial & Gender Identity in Context: A Multi-Method Study of Risk and Resilience Processes among African American College Students in STEM Areas

Grant: The Impact of High School Curriculum on College Outcomes

Grant: Pearson Program Evaluation Project

Grant: Leadership for Higher Education's Role in Promoting Diversity and Social Transformation-Extending Pathways of Inclusion in the U.S.

Grant: Improving Decision Making and Equity in Engineering Admissions

Grant: 2013 Operation Global Goodwill Program Consultation

Grant: The prevalence and effect of hazardous mental health symptoms and substance abuse on Veteran students’ academic performance in postsecondary education

Grant: Explaining the Occurrence & Timing of Student Loan Default /Evaluation of the MN SELF Loan Program

Grant: Michigan Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (MI GEAR UP)

Grant: Millennium Leadership Project Curriculum

Center: National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good

Grant: Understanding Interventions Index - 3rd Year Continuation

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