Research Tag: Diversity And Social Justice

Person: Tabbye M. Chavous

Person: Patricia M. King

Person: Deborah Rivas-Drake

Person: Enid Rosario-Ramos

Person: Shari Saunders

Person: Kelly Slay

Grant: Through the Fire: Exploring the Educational Resilience of Black Women of Low-Income and Working Class Origins

Grant: Workforce Diversity Survey

Grant: Black Identity and the Variation in Adaptations that Facilitate School Success: Privileging an Ecological Analysis

Grant: Black Identity, School Performance and the Transition to Adulthood: A Longitudinal Analysis

Grant: Center for Population Health and Health Disparities

Grant: Case Studies and Best Practices for HBCU Institutions

Grant: Racial Discrimination, Racial Identity, and Psychological Well-Being Among African Americans

Grant: Reframing the Conversation on Immigration: A Proposal calling for Dialogue on how policies and practices of immigration affect educational access and civic participation

Grant: Challenges & Opportunities: Conversations about Immigration and Higher Education

Grant: Reframing the Conversation on Immigration

Grant: Contextual Research-Large Empirical: Racial & Gender Identity in Context: A Multi-Method Study of Risk and Resilience Processes among African American College Students in STEM Areas

Grant: Communications Strategy Aimed at Providing Enhanced Educational Opportunity to Immigrant Students

Grant: Leadership for Higher Education's Role in Promoting Diversity and Social Transformation-Extending Pathways of Inclusion in the U.S.

Grant: Understanding the development of civic identities and participation amongst minoritized youth in an activist community

Grant: Community Engagement Toolkits for Little Stones Documentary

Center: National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good

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