Ann Arbor Languages Partnership (A2LP)

Name: Donald Freeman, Maria Coolican

Dates: 9/1/2008 - ongoing


The Ann Arbor Languages Partnership (A2LP) offers an opportunity to University of Michigan students and Ann Arbor community members to teach Spanish to 3rd and 4th graders in Ann Arbor public schools. The program is a course that combines intensive preparation in teaching Spanish at the elementary level with extensive clinical placements that are supported through collaboration with the Ann Arbor public schools.  These experiences are designed to introduce apprentice teachers to teaching world languages at the elementary school level and to support them as they learn to teach in these settings. The course is designed for any student or community member who is interested in developing teaching skills in world languages and in proficiency-based language teaching.  The A2LP cohort of teachers will include: students seeking state certification in Spanish through the School of Education’s elementary or secondary teacher education program; undergraduate or graduate students from any department who would like to learn to teach a second language but who do not wish to enroll in the School of Education; and select community members. Upon successful completion of the full A2LP program, all students will have an opportunity to convert their coursework to an internationally portable (non-credit) credential in English language teaching.

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2/9/2008 - 1/9/2009 Ann Arbor Public Schools - Ann Arbor Language Partnership - an Ann Arbor Public Schools grant

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