Research & Community Engagement

Researchers at the School of Education are investigating vital areas of education, including issues ranging from increasing basic literacy, to supporting learners' understanding of complex ideas, to reducing educational inequalities, and to preparing teachers who can educate diverse classrooms of students.

These problems span from preschool through graduate school and beyond. Our researchers are involved locally, in community schools, and at the state and federal level, working on education policies. The work fosters a critical dialogue among faculty and students, allowing them to grapple with challenging ideas while serving as an important component to our academic programs.

School of Education faculty and researchers can find the research proposal checklist and additional information about sponsored research at the Research Office webpage.

Recent Grants

Tuesday, July 29
Transforming Teacher Licensure and Facilitating Change Through Program Networks

Monday, June 30
Inclusion Preschool for Children with Special Needs: Impacts, Dosage, and Mechanisms

Monday, June 30
Understanding the development of civic identities and participation amongst minoritized youth in an activist community

Monday, June 30
How can STEM Graduate Programs Diversify in a Post-Affirmative Action Context?

Wednesday, June 11
Improving Students' Mathematical Proficiency through Formative Assessment: Responding to an Urgent Need in the Common Core Era

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