Detroit Schools-Higher Education Consortium (DS-HEC)

Funding Agency: Ford Foundation

Amount: $200,000

Period: 9/1/2012 - 2/28/2017

Name: Henry Meares

Tags: community engagement, k-12, meares, teacher education

As a next phase of the Detroit Schools-Higher Education Consortium’s work in Detroit, the collaborating universities will provide research and technical assistance to community organizations and schools engaged in expanding learning consistent with the process used in Boston. We hope to have two years for the planning and start up process. At this time, we propose a six-­month project to build capacity for research support for reform efforts by community-­based organizations working in collaboration with Detroit schools. The two major objectives are: continue development of databases for assessment and evaluation studies; and develop partnership agreements and strategies for providing research support for projects designed to improve education in Detroit’s schools.

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