Priscilla Fisher

Bachelor of Arts with Elementary Teacher Certification, '14

Priscilla  Fisher, School of Education

Originally from Anaheim, CA, Priscilla intends to live in Michigan and has accepted a teaching position in Westland, MI this fall.

How I learned about Michigan's funding: Based on my academic standing, many of the scholarships I received where awarded to me without me having to reach out; it pays to work hard, literally! I used Wolverine Access for the rest, they have a survey available that matches you with possible funding based on your needs.

How I continue to secure resources: It has been difficult to find funding now that I am a graduate. I look on though; any little bit helps.
What type of experiences provide financial resources: Working for a Title I school school has its financial benefits in the long run. I will qualify for partial loan forgiveness after five years of working for a Title school.

Funding advice: Look early and take everything! Avoid loans as much as possible unless there just is no free money for you out there. Do the essays, take the surveys, fill out those applications. Even if its something small like a $500 scholarship. Seek out the financial aid office at your school and go online to find those scholarships. 

Fisher’s program of study:
Elementary Teacher Education