Gloria D. Thomas

PhD '04 (Higher Education)

Gloria D. Thomas, School of Education

Gloria D. Thomas was appointed director of the Center for the Education of Women (CEW) at the University of Michigan in 2009. CEW provides counseling and educational programs regarding academic, career and life issues; conducts social research on policy and gender issues; and advocates for improved policy and practice to advance gender equity. Prior to returning to CEW, Thomas served in various positions at the American Council on Education (ACE) for nearly eight years, including associate director of the Office of Women in Higher Education, associate project director of the Center for Effective Leadership, and associate director of the ACE Fellows program, most where the foci of her professional duties were leadership development and enhancing career success for women in academe. Before ACE, she worked at CEW conducting research and coordinating the Women of Color in the Academy project, a support network for women of color faculty at the University of Michigan. She also served as associate dean of admissions and director of minority student recruitment at Swarthmore College. 

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