Terry Young

MA in Educational Studies: Educational Leadership and Policy with K-12 Building-Level Administrator Certification (LPAC)

Terry  Young, School of Education

Student Status: Current student, part time

Geographic Region of Origin: Born in Hillsdale, MI. Involved Detroiter for 20 years. Now residing in Plymouth, MI.

Previous Education: 

Undergrad at University of Michigan and Wayne State University. Teaching certification from Wayne State University in Social Studies, History and English Literature.

Prior to Joining the Program

For the past five years I have been working for Talent Development Secondary, a school support and improvement program that is part of the Center for the Social Organization of Schools at Johns Hopkins University. Our work with middle and high schools in metro Detroit has focused on providing Early Warning System supports that help identify students who are off-track in attendance, behavior or coursework and assist schools in developing interventions for those students.

Why the Educational Leadership and Policy (ELP) Program? 

As part of my work, I read the Study of Instructional Improvement conducted by Debra Ball, David Cohen, and Brian Rowan that had looked at comprehensive school reform programs. When I looked further into the School of Education’s master’s program, I was excited by the faculty’s significant contributions to the field of education, particularly in the areas of instructional practices and educational innovation.


I am currently interning at Washtenaw Technical Middle College under the supervision of Dean Karl Covert, who is also an instructor in the Educational Leadership and Policy program’s administrative certification track (LPAC). I am collaborating with another LPAC student on documenting the history of the school through research and interviews. This work will be incorporated into a 20th anniversary commemorative project.

Individualized Course of Study

I have found all of the foundational courses in the Educational Leadership and Policy program to be really rewarding and challenging. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into how these courses complement each other and fit into a larger vision of transformational school leadership.

In addition to my core classes, I took an amazing EDUC 737: Topics in Educational Studies course with Don Peurach, Education Innovation and Policy that focused on the history of education research, innovation and large scale reforms. 

Highlights of the Michigan Experience

I joined the Educational Leadership program in 2015 as a part-time student while working full-time and having a family. It has been an achievable challenge, particularly with the great support given by my instructors. It has been a great experience being a member of the professional community that exists in the School of Education.

The program also feels very personal and familial; it is designed to facilitate camaraderie amongst your cohort peers and with faculty and staff. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

I remember going to a School of Education open house in 2014 and hearing Dean Ball speak about the University of Michigan’s commitment to supporting the work of teaching. She framed that work as especially important for communities serving marginalized populations and spoke passionately about how that work supports social justice for the underserved. There is serious inequity between the educational experiences of many of our students in southeastern Michigan. Helping schools provide better educational experiences for all students, especially those belonging to marginalized groups, is what motivates my work in education. I am proud to be a part of a school of education that is also focused on that work.

Terry invites prospective students to contact him with any questions about his experiences in the program or as a part-time student.

Young’s program of study:
Educational Leadership and Policy