Taylor Casarez

Bachelor of Arts with Secondary Teacher Certification, '11

Taylor  Casarez, School of Education

Field of Study: BA with Secondary Teacher Cert

Year in Program: Alum

Geographic Region: Hastings, Michigan

Why your program? It was my freshman year of high school and the teacher asked me to lead a class discussion on Soviet Russia. So I’m asking questions and encouraging people to participate and it was cool to see people start to figure it out—and to be the person helping people figure it out. I thought it might be something cool to do with my life!

The best part of SOE so far:  I do have to get up early when I student teach. Detroit is a ways away, but I wake up on those mornings with the excitement that I’m doing something important enough that I want to devote my whole life to it. I’m getting up to go do something I love doing.

Teach me something! I am enthusiastic about the opportunities available through the University of Michigan. I was able to see William Julius Wilson, who is like The Man for sociology and I was able to see Gwen Ifill from a third-row seat! There are a lot of amazing opportunities and good resources here. And it’s still possible to not get lost. A lot of people worry that with a big university, they’ll get lost in the shuffle. But not here—If I go into the teacher ed office, they know who I am—they say ‘Hey Taylor, who do you want to see?’ The school has a small community, but huge resources through the university. It’s small when it ought to be small and it’s big when it needs to be big. 

Casarez’s program of study:
Secondary Teacher Education