Maria Ines (Mane) Susperreguy

Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Psychology, '13

Maria Ines (Mane) Susperreguy, School of Education

Field of Study: PhD in Combined Program in Education and Psychology (CPEP)

Year in Program: c/o 2013

Geographic Region: Chile

Prior to UM: Prior to applying to CPEP and coming to the United States, I was in Chile. After earning an undergraduate degree in psychology, I obtained a master’s in educational psychology. In addition to my education, I worked within the Ministry of Education in Chile, selecting appropriate textbooks for students in grades one through twelve. In spite of my work in the Ministry of Education, I had research aspirations within the field of educational psychology, and knew a doctoral degree was in my future.

Why your program? I was interested in research and the scope of what you can do with a master’s degree is very limited. You can’t apply for some grants without a doctoral degree. I also like teaching so, in order to do that, pursuing a PhD was something crucial for me. I might never have come to the School of Education if it were not for a connection to the University of Michigan in my very own home country. My Chilean academic advisor, in my master’s degree program, was a CPEP graduate. We were reading what people from the University of Michigan were doing so I was in some way connected with them. Then, when I thought about schools, Michigan was the first one that came to my mind. After receiving a Fulbright Scholarship, I enrolled in the doctoral program within CPEP.

The best part of SOE so far: The best part of this program is that I always wanted to do this and CPEP met all my expectations.

After graduation: After graduating I knew I would like to go back to Chile. And I want to use the skills and knowledge that I have learned here to teach and do research at a university there.