Deborah Southern

Master of Arts in Higher Education '16

Deborah  Southern, School of Education

Field of Study: MA Higher Education - Diversity and Social Justice

Year in Program: graduated 2016

Where do you HAIL from? Los Angeles, CA / Rochester, NY

Prior degree(s): Asian Studies and History, Occidental College

Before coming to U-M: Worked as a Curriculum and Student Services Administrator for the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Michigan for a little over three years, March 2012-August 2015.

Why your program? I wanted to combine my two passions: higher education and social justice. The ability to have an internship centered in diversity and social justice allowed me to swiftly transition in to DEI work in higher education, and take coursework that complimented my interests.

The best part of SOE so far: I was able to join a research team in my first semester and work on an independent research project in the Winter and Spring/Summer terms. My internship also involved me in Student Life and the University DEI strategic planning process. I appreciate the SOE's clear commitment to DEI, and the campus wide meetings and conversations.

After graduation: As of 2017 I am a doctoral student at the Unviersity of Southern California.

Teach me something! The Farmer's Market on Wednesday and Saturdays is affordable and offers delicious food and produce. The arboretum is peaceful, open year-round, and feels wonderfully secluded from the city and campus. The Program on Intergroup Relations has a volunteer opportunity for UM students called Common Ground that I highly recommend for anyone who wants to do DEI work in higher education.