Kelly Slay

Doctoral student with a Concentration in Academic Affairs and Student Development

Kelly  Slay, School of Education

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Undergraduate Institution: University of Michigan

Undergraduate Major/Minor: Psychology

Masters: MS in Public Service Management - Higher Ed Administration from DePaul University

U-M Affiliations: U-M Alumni Student Recruitment Program; Students of Color at Rackham (SCOR); Becoming Educators of Tomorrow (BET); The Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR)

Choosing the University of Michigan and CSHPE was a fairly easy decision. While I was familiar with the School of Education as an undergraduate student at Michigan, I became aware of the prestige of CSHPE when I suddenly realized many of the leading scholars in higher education were trained at Michigan! Through the application process, I further learned of CSHPE’s longstanding commitment to providing students with opportunities for hands-on research in the first year of the program as well as ongoing professional development and rigorous statistical and academic training. I was also impressed with the community of scholars, both faculty and peers, who were accessible and incredibly helpful throughout the application and decision-making process. Since starting in the program, I have been pleased with the level of support I have received from faculty mentors, advanced peers, and fellow cohort members. Taken together, I am confident that these factors will be instrumental in my continued development and future success as a scholar. Prior to starting the doctoral program at CSHPE, I spent four years in Chicago working on policies and programs affecting student populations in various segments of the educational pipeline. Most recently I worked with GEAR UP in Chicago Public Schools while simultaneously earning a master's degree in public service management and higher education at DePaul University. At DePaul I worked as a graduate assistant with the Hay Leadership Project and as a graduate intern in the Office of Multicultural Student Success. While Chicago is definitely a fun city, I’m happy to be back in Ann Arbor—one of my favorite places! I have had some great experiences thus far in my program—developing relationships with colleagues, studying issues I deeply care about, professional development opportunities, etc. But, if I had to choose one, I would say the best part of my experience has been enduring this journey with a great group of people—my amazing cohort! The social and academic support we’ve provided for one another has made all the difference.

Kelly is currently a fifth year doctoral student, and an active member of Students of Color at Rackham (SCOR), Becoming Educators of Tomorrow (BET), and the Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR).

Slay’s program of study:
Academic Affairs and Student Development