Tamara Shreiner

PhD '09 (Educational Studies), Research Associate

Tamara  Shreiner, School of Education

Tamara Shreiner is a history and social science teacher and department chair at Greenhills School in Ann Arbor. She is also research associate for the Big History Project, under the direction of Bob Bain.  She graduated with a PhD in Educational Studies in 2009. Her dissertation, Framing a Model of Democratic Thinking to Inform Teaching and Learning in Civic Education, began to identify and describe the cognitive components underlying problem solving and decision-making in a democracy by analyzing and comparing how high school students and civically and politically engaged political scientists grapple with controversial issues.

After graduating, she began teaching 8th grade civics and 10th grade world history at Greenhills School in Ann Arbor. Going back into the classroom has provided her with the opportunity to apply and reflect upon the research-based practices she studied in her doctoral program, including those she suggested in her dissertation. 


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