Setrak Haroutounian

MA in Educational Studies: Educational Policy and Leadership with K-12 Building-Level Administrator Certification (LPAC)

Setrak  Haroutounian, School of Education

Student status: Alum, graduated 2015

Geographic region of origin: Southern Missouri, USA

Education prior to Ed Studies MA: The University of Missouri-Kansas City, B.A. in Secondary Education - Social Sciences

Prior to joining the program: Middle school teacher, reading tutor in Kansas City, MO schools, master of ceremonies for youth service organization, retail management.

Why Educational Leadership and Policy program?

I was really looking for a administrative licensure program that was informed by theory/research, yet seated squarely in practice. I wanted to learn more than how to organize schedules and run a school lunch program. I was interested in a program that was preparing education leaders to think about their role as instructional leader, constantly driving a mission of improvement and increasing social justice through the work of dynamic schools. I found that and more at the School of Education. Plus, with access to the resources of one of the world's foremost research institutes, I was able to round out my degree in the SOE with cognate courses in the School of Information and the Ross School of Business, both of which rank among the best in their fields in higher education.


Administrative internship at Washtenaw Technical Middle College in Ann Arbor, a charter high school ranked 7th best in the country by Newsweek magazine in 2014. I was able to learn from and work closely with Dr. Karl Covert, Superintendent/Dean of WTMC.

Highlights of the Michigan Experience

A world-class graduate education, a close working relationship with the faculty/staff, an intimate cohort model that fostered peer connections, life in Ann Arbor, tutoring elementary students in Detroit Public Schools, and mastering my ability to walk places in the snow.

Life after U-M

I am the principal of St. Thomas More School, a PK-8 school in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA. I put into daily practice the habits of mind learned at U-M: rooting practice in research/theory, an emphasis on collaboration and culture-building, and the privilege of leading an excellent faculty in the work of continuous improvement.

Setrak invites prospective students to contact him with questions about school leadership as an administrator, the application of formal education and theory into daily practice, culture-building in schools, or life in wonderful Ann Arbor.

Haroutounian’s program of study:
Educational Leadership and Policy