Enid Rosario-Ramos

Assistant Professor

Enid  Rosario-Ramos, School of Education

Enid Rosario-Ramos’s research focuses on studying the intersections between adolescents’ participation in civic engagement activities and their development of critical literacy skills. Current work looks at the ways in which educators, both in school and out of school contexts, support youth’s development of civic engagement identities and skills. She received her PhD in learning sciences from Northwestern University. Her dissertation looked at the ways in which schools’ institutional structures, teachers’ discursive practices, and classroom instruction support and encourage adolescents to critically examine their worlds and their textual representations. Additional research interests include teacher education, disciplinary literacies, and social justice education.

Rosario-Ramos teaches courses in the following program(s):
Literacy, Language, and Culture
Secondary Teacher Education


Selected Publications

Rosario-Ramos, E. M. (2014). "A DiaspoRican critical pedagogy: Redefining the education for Puerto Rican youth." In  R. Rolón-Dow, & J. Irizarry's (Eds.) Diaspora Studies in Education: Toward a Framework for Understanding the Experiences of Transnational Communities.
Rosario-Ramos, E. M., & Johnson, L. R. (2013). "Communities as counter-storytelling (con)texts: The role of community-based educational institutions in the development of critical literacy and transformative action." In J. Z. Pandya & J. Avila's Moving Critical Literacies Forward: A New Look at Praxis Across Contexts (pp. 113-126). New York: Routledge.
Tucker-Raymond, E.; Rosario-Ramos, E. M.; Rosario, M. L. (2011). "Cultural Persistence, Political Resistance, and Hope in the Community and School-Based Art of a Puerto Rican Diaspora Neighborhood." Equity & Excellence in Education, 44(2), pp. 270-286.
Rosario-Ramos, E. M. and Nieto, S. (2012). "Literacy and multicultural education." In C. A. Chapelle (general editor) and W. S. E. Lam's (area editor), The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Wiley-Blackwell Publisher; expected publication in 2011.
Lam, W. S. E. and Rosario-Ramos, E. (2009). "Multilingual Literacies in Transnational Digitally-Mediated Contexts: An Exploratory Study of Immigrant Teens in the U.S." Language and Education, 23(2): 171-190.



6/1/2019 - ongoing Social-Emotional Learning, School Outcomes, and Civic Engagement Equity: Leveraging Family and Community Influences
Granting Agency: William T. Grant Foundation

3/1/2018 - 8/31/2018 Understanding the Educational Opportunities of Recently-Arrived Puerto Rican Students
Granting Agency: Orange County Public Schools and Chiefs for Change

9/1/2014 - 6/30/2016 Understanding the development of civic identities and participation amongst minoritized youth in an activist community
Granting Agency: National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation

Courses & Syllabi

Term Catalogue Course Description Syllabus
Winter 2014 EDUC 706. Seminar: Issues in Research on Literacy Promoted course. Read description »

Winter 2011 EDUC 402. Reading and Writing in Content Areas EDUC 402. Using Literacy to Teach and Learn History and the Social Sciences in the Secondary Schools


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