Ronald Alan Miller

Assistant Director of Instructional Technology

Ronald Alan Miller, School of Education

Started at SOE: 1985

Job description: I work in a number of support areas for the School of Education. I provide oversight for AV Services. The major part of my responsibilities concerns the providing of support for SOE instructional activities. As part of this I also consult with faculty and staff on various Research projects. I provide support for the School of Ed, One-to-One laptop pilot project.I provide support for the School's video and audio conferencing needs. I also provide some desktop computing support. I serve as a School of Education liaison with numerous campus-wide technology initiatives.

University Committee(s): Digital Asset Management Project, ePortfolio Project, Future Learning Environment Support Committee, Enriching Scholarship Showcase Planning Committee, AT Commons and the Web Conferencing interest Group.

Related Activities: I served eight years on the Dexter Community School‚ School Board, the last two as President.

Interests: Being off the School Board will allow me time to return to my real passion and use my educational training to get back involved with theatre. I have taught theatre for Washtenaw Community College. I mostly direct but have done some set design and acting. Other main interests are travel. I can't seem to get enough traveling in. I've lived in Spain and Switzerland and have traveled extensively throughout Europe including the former eastern block countries and Turkey. I would love to travel to Asia and Africa at some point.





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