Deborah Rivas-Drake

Professor, School of Education; Professor, Department of Psychology, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Deborah  Rivas-Drake, School of Education

Dr. Deborah Rivas-Drake is a Professor of Psychology and Education at the University of Michigan, where she is also a Faculty Affiliate of the Center for the Study of Black Youth in Context and Faculty Associate in Latino/a Studies. Her research focuses on ethnic and racial processes in youth development. Together with the CASA Lab, Dr. Rivas-Drake is exploring how schools, families, peers, and communities influence the development of ethnic and racial identity, and how such identities shape youths’ academic and psychological outcomes. Current projects examine how friendships shape ethnic-racial identity and academic and social/emotional adjustment in diverse youth and how parent-adolescent processes inform ethnic-racial identity and psychosocial functioning among Latino adolescents. Her research has been published in Child Development, Developmental Psychology, Journal of Research on Adolescence, and Journal of Youth and Adolescence, among others. Dr. Rivas-Drake recently completed a term as an Associate Editor for Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology and is currently an Associate Editor for Developmental Psychology. Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, Spencer Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation, and AERA Grants Program. She recently completed Spencer Midcareer Grant.

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Combined Program in Education and Psychology


Selected Publications

Camacho, T., Medina, M., Rivas-Drake, D., & Jagers, R. (in press). School climate and ethnic-racial identity in school: A longitudinal examination of reciprocal associations. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology.

Carter, R., Seaton, E., & Rivas-Drake, D. (2017). Racial identity in the context of pubertal development: Implications for adjustment. Developmental Psychology, 53(11), 2170–2181.

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Rivas-Drake, D. & Witherspoon, D. (2013). Racial identity from adolescence to young adulthood: Does prior neighborhood experience matter? Child Development, 84(6), 1918-1932.



6/1/2019 - ongoing Social-Emotional Learning, School Outcomes, and Civic Engagement Equity: Leveraging Family and Community Influences
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