Deidre Ratliff

Bachelor of Arts with Elementary Teacher Certification, Alumna

Deidre  Ratliff, School of Education

Field of Study: BA with Elementary Teacher Cert - Mathematics

Year in Program: Alumna

Geographic Region: Farmington, MI

Why your program? I chose U-M because I was attracted to the feel of campus and the city around the University. The energy and the culture of the community was a good fit for me. There are so many opportunities to participate in activities around the University and explore Ann Arbor. Meanwhile, I chose this program because I've wanted to be a teacher for most of my life. When I first came to college, I considered different professions but I was always drawn back to teaching. The SOE program has confirmed my choice! More specifically, the Elementary Teacher Education program is constantly helping me to grow as a teacher. As I observe in the field, discuss ideas with my peers, unpack foundations of teaching through my coursework, and practice my teaching persona, I am learning more and more about myself and further solidifying my passion to teach. As a top-ranked, leading program in the country, U-M's Teacher Education program is structured to not only teach us how to be progressive teachers, but also prepare us in the best way possible in our training and practice.

The best part of SOE so far: My best experience with the TE program thus far has been the observation and practice in my field placements. I really enjoy any and all opportunities (and there are many) we have to observe different classrooms and to work with students. When coursework and helpful instructors support field placement experience, I feel prepared to try new things and get my feel wet.

Teach me something! One piece of advice I would share with a prospective student is to take full advantage of any opportunities to apply what you learn. Teaching takes practice and the more practice you have, the more confident and prepared you will be. The instructors in the classroom and the mentor teachers in the field are very willing to be supportive, offering constructing feedback and guidance.

Ratliff’s program of study:
Elementary Teacher Education