Julie Renee Posselt

Assistant Professor

Julie Renee  Posselt, School of Education

Julie R. Posselt is assistant professor of higher education at the University of Michigan and a National Academy of Education/ Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Using multiple methods, her research program broadly examines institutionalized inequalities in higher education and how colleges’ and universities’ selection and evaluation activities may reinforce inequities and/or promote diversity. She has particular interests in research methods and the study of graduate education and the professoriate. Current projects investigate status competition and organizational cultures in higher education—namely, how they shape institutional decision making (e.g., admissions, hiring) and stratification in student access, degree attainment, and wellbeing. She is also PI of a multi-institutional study aimed at understanding organizational conditions of STEM graduate programs that have been successful enrolling and graduating women and students of color.

Posselt is author of the book Inside Graduate Admissions: Merit, Diversity, and Faculty Gatekeeping (2015, Harvard University Press), which is based on an award-winning ethnographic study of faculty judgment in 10 highly ranked doctoral programs in three universities. Other research is published or in press with American Educational Research Journal, Research in Higher Education, Journal of Higher Education, Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research, and the Chronicle of Higher Education, among others. Her work has been funded by the Spencer Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Center for Public Policy in Diverse Societies. In 2012, Posselt received the Outstanding Reviewer award from AERJ, and she is currently a member of the Journal of Higher Education’s editorial review board. She received her PhD from the University of Michigan.


Posselt teaches courses in the following program(s):
Academic Affairs and Student Development
Organizational Behavior & Management
Higher Education Student Access and Success
Higher Education Management and Organizations


Selected Publications

Posselt, J. R. (in press). "Disciplinary logics: A comparative case study of faculty judgment in doctoral admissions." Journal of Higher Education.

Posselt, J. R. (2015). "Applicant evaluation as admissions practice: A socio-cognitive framework of faculty judgment in U.S. doctoral admissions." International Handbook of Higher Education Admissions Policy.

Bielby, R., Posselt, J. R., Bastedo, M., & Jaquette, O. (2014). "Why are women underrepresented in elite colleges and universities? A non-linear decomposition analysis." Research in Higher Education.

Posselt, J.R. (2014). "Toward inclusive excellence in U.S. graduate education: Constructing merit and diversity in PhD admissions." American Journal of Education, 120(4), 481-514.

Posselt, J. R. (2013). "Faculty evaluation from the inside out: Explaining the merit – diversity paradox in selective Ph.D. admissions." Perspectives: A Magazine for Graduate Enrollment Managers. National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals.

Posselt, J. R., Jaquette, O., Bielby, R. & Bastedo, M. (2012). "Access without equity: Longitudinal analyses of institutional stratification by race and ethnicity, 1972-2004." American Educational Research Journal 49 (6), 1074-1111.

Posselt, J. R. (Nov 8, 2012). "To interview or not to interview?" Chronicle of Higher Education. Downloaded Nov 9, 2012 from http://chronicle.com/article/To-Interview-or-Not-to/135582/

Posselt, J. R. & Black, K. R. (2012). "Developing the research identities and aspirations of first-generation college students: Evidence from the McNair Scholars Program." International Journal of Researcher Development 3(1), 26-48.

Masse, J. C., Perez, R. J., Posselt, J. R. (2010). "Revisiting college predisposition: Integrating sociological and psychological perspectives on inequality." Equity and Excellence in Education 43 (3), 279-293.

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Posselt, J. R. (2001).  "Judicious election of judges."  In Leone de Nie, K., Todd, A., and Hess, D. (Eds).  Connecting to the Courts: A Teacher’s Guide to the Wisconsin Courts.  Madison, WI: Wisconsin State Bar and Supreme Court.



9/1/2015 - ongoing Competitiveness, Equity, and Mental Health in Graduate Education
Granting Agency: NAEd/Spencer Foundation

7/1/2014 - 6/30/2015 How can STEM Graduate Programs Diversify in a Post-Affirmative Action Context?
Granting Agency: Spencer Foundation

2/5/2010 - 1/6/2011 Stratification by Race and Gender: Tracking Change Across Four NCES Datasets
Granting Agency: Association for Institutional Research

Courses & Syllabi

Term Catalogue Course Description Syllabus
Fall 2015 EDUC 760. Access and Equity in Higher Education EDUC 760. Access and Equity in American Postsecondary Education

Fall 2014 EDUC 771. Topics in Higher and Postsecondary Education EDUC 771. Organizing Higher Education for Equity and Diversity

Fall 2013 EDUC 799. Categorical and Limited Dependent Variable Modeling EDUC 799. Categorical and LImited Dependent Variable Modeling


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