Esohe Osai

Combined Program: Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Psychology (CPEP), Graduate Student Research Assistant

Esohe  Osai, School of Education

Field of Study: Combined Program: PhD in Education and Psychology

Geographic Region: Detroit, Michigan

Undergraduate: BA in Seconday Education University of Michigan ; MA in Education Harvard University

Prior to UM: After undergrad, I earned a master's in education and then taught high school at a charter school in Detroit. In my four years teaching, I worked extensively as a teacher-leader and also coached high school girls basketball.

Why your program? I chose the Combined Program in Education and Psychology at the University of Michigan because of the initiatives already in place here that I felt were aligned with my research interests—particularly related to the schooling experiences of urban youth of color. Having already attended the University of Michigan, I was well aware of the extensive resources that the university has to offer and I knew that I would be able to take advantage of such resources even more as a graduate student. A final selling point for the School of Education was the fact that I would be positioned close to a public school system that is in great disrepair. The opportunities to be involved in collaborations through the School of Education and Detroit Public Schools presented a very attractive possibility.

The best part of SOE so far: Some of the highlights of my experience here include working with people in my labs on issues related to the education of students from an urban context. The people I have an opportunity to work with all have unique experiences that contribute to our distinct approaches in grappling with issues in education. I also love being a part of a joint program because of the wealth of resources that I am exposed to through the psychology department. Finally, I have enjoyed mentoring undergraduate students and serving as a graduate student instructor for psychology courses.




Room 1400 G