Kelsey O'Rourke

Master of Arts in Higher Education, '12

Kelsey  O'Rourke, School of Education

Field of Study:  MA in Higher Education

Year in Program/Year of Graduation:  graduated 2012

Where do you HAIL from?  Grand Rapids, Michigan

Prior degree(s):  University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Before coming to U-M:  Before attending this program, I was an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, completing my BA in psychology. It was there that I discovered a passion for working with students, and an interest in pursuing academic advising.

Why this program?  Fit was a big consideration when I was looking at graduate programs, and ultimately led me to choose the University of Michigan. Since I attended U-M for my undergraduate degree, I already knew that I loved the campus, so it was really my interactions with the School of Education staff and faculty that confirmed this was the place for me.

The best part of SOE:  I have really enjoyed my graduate experience thus far, and two of the main reasons why are my amazing cohort and my internship. Since each member of the cohort comes in with a different background and experiences, it leads to rich class discussions that challenge your way of thinking and approaching issues. Though it took me a while to land an internship, it could not have worked out any better, as I am able to pursue an area of interest, career counseling, in a supportive and challenging environment at the College of Engineering.

After graduation:  I am currently the Assistant Director of Employer Relations in Career Services at the University of Dayton.

O'Rourke’s program of study:
Higher Education