Kimberlee Odtohan

Master of Arts in Educational Studies with Elementary Teacher Certification

Field of Study: Master of Arts with Teacher Certification (MAC) - ELMAC - Language Arts Focus

Year in Program: ELMAC - 1 year total

Geographic Region: Livonia, MI

Undergraduate: Walled Lake Central High School, University of Michigan - Dearborn, Michigan State University

Prior to UM: I worked for almost 10 years in the marketing field. I have work experience in marketing, customer service, digital marketing, and office management.
The best part of SOE so far: The faculty and staff are extremely supportive and every step of the way I feel like I have someone looking out for my best interest. I have already grown in just the couple of months that I have been in the program, and I know that I will be completely ready to be an educator upon graduation. 

After graduation: The plan is to be an elementary school teacher in southeastern lower Michigan. I am open to all kinds of opportunities in public schools, charter schools, online schools, etc. I am also open to opportunities that will satisfy my teaching niche and still leverage the Masters in Education that I will have, if I cannot find a teaching job.

Teach me something! As a graduate student in a one year program, who commutes to campus nonetheless, it can be hard to feel like you're connected to the campus of U of M or to Ann Arbor. I can tell you, however, that my cohort in my program, as well as the staff and faculty, make me feel like I've been on campus forever. There are only 30 people in my cohort, but we can be found everywhere! I consider us small but mighty!


Odtohan’s program of study:
Elementary Teacher Education (ELMAC)