Richard Nunn

Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education

Richard  Nunn, School of Education

Field of study: Higher Education - Public Policy and Postsecondary Education

Year in Program: 3rd Year

Where do your HAIL from? Monroe, MI

Prior degree(s): BA in Sociology, University of Michigan; MA in Higher Education Student Affairs, Eastern Michigan University

Before coming to U-M: Completed master's degree in Higher Education and worked in a range of different formal and informal roles in the field (admissions, student development, mentoring, etc.)

Why your program? Initially, I would say my interest in the program focused more on gaining a vital credential that would allow for me to make greater changes to higher education. However, I believe the program will provide an opportunity to explore and attempt to answer questions that drive my personal, professional, and academic interests.

The best part of SOE so far: The people, especially those in my cohort.

After graduation: Open to a range of opportunities that will allow me to create change.

Teach me something! As students in higher education, I think it is important to realize that we have the unbelievable privilege to study and be immersed in our chosen field. Engage the institution by connecting with students, faculty, or administrators-any and all will help to inform your research and expand your knowledge.