Shweta Shripad Naik

Graduate Student Research Assistant

Shweta Shripad Naik, School of Education

Shweta Naik is a doctoral student in Mathematics Education with Education studies program. Prior to coming to the UM School of Education, she was a Scientific Associate for the educational research center, HBCSE, TIFR in India. She has taught mathematics to elementary and middle-grade students and has worked in various collaborative projects for mathematics teacher professional development in India. Her research interests lie in the work of teaching and studying teacher learning to teach mathematics. She is focusing on preparing in-service teachers to handle mathematical challenges in the classroom, by teaching students "how to do mathematics", making teaching of mathematical practices as one of the goals of teaching. Currently, she works with Drs. Deborah Ball, Hyman Bass and Simona Goldin on various projects. In the past she has worked in the DIAS project with Drs. Pamela Moss, Merrie Blunk, Joy Oslund and Tim Boerst.

Naik’s program of study:
Mathematics Education




Room 4215