Nathan Mueting

Master of Arts in Higher Education, '12

Nathan  Mueting, School of Education

Field of Study: MA Higher Ed

Year in Program: c/o 2012

Geographic Region: Sheldon, Iowa

Undergraduate: University of Minnesota

Why your program? I chose Michigan and CSHPE because of the its broad focus and the opportunity to take classes in many different areas, it's dedication to its master's students, and the ability to meet and network with many of the successful alumni during my time here and after graduation. Also, having Big Ten sports doesn't hurt!

The best part of SOE so far: Some of the highlights of my time so far have been getting to know the faculty and other students. I was surprised by how quickly I got to know the faculty, and it is great to hear about all my classmates' backgrounds and interests. I've also enjoyed working at my internship and meeting with people across the university to learn about the many career opportunities available.

After graduation: I am currently the Manager of Alumni Affairs at the Ross School of Business

Mueting’s program of study:
Higher Education



Research Affiliations