Pelema I. Morrice

Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education, Individually Designed Concentration, '11

Pelema I. Morrice, School of Education

Field of Study:  PhD Higher Education--Individually Designed 

Year in Program/Year of Graduation:  graduated 2011

Where do you HAIL from?  Santa Cruz - California

Prior degree(s):  San Jose State University-Psychology; San Jose State University-master's in Higher Education, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MBA

Before coming to U-M:  I worked in various roles within admissions and financial aid at Stanford University and the California State University.

Why your program?  Depth, breadth, and expertise of the faculty.

After graduation:  I currently serve as President and Community Partner at Great Bay Community College. Prior to Great Bay, I served as Vice Provost at the University of Missouri, Chief Enrollment Officer At Bryn Mawr College, and Associate Vice Chancellor and Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha.

Teach me something!  Ann Arbor is a special place.  I am always happy to connect with prospective students and discuss what makes Michigan and the CSHPE such a transformative educational experience.

Morrice’s program of study:
Individually Designed Concentration