Monica Miklosovic

MA in Educational Studies: New Media and New Literacies

Student status: Current student, full time

Geographic region of origin: Michigan

Previous education: Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, Michigan State University

Prior to Joining the Program

While I was a full-time undergraduate student, I was also employed with the university’s teaching and learning technology group on campus. In that setting, I gained hands-on experience launching pioneering websites and online sections of traditional classes.

My first experience in a business setting was my internship at General Motors, where I contributed to an international market assessment study. I then worked for seven years for an Ann Arbor-based company in marketing and communications. My team’s responsibility was to develop a unified brand strategy for small businesses in 400 markets nationwide.

Just before beginning graduate school, I contributed to the growth of a local non-profit. Through social media and web presence, we were able to support the mission of generating funds to serve families impacted by cancer.

Why the New Media and New Literacies Program?

Both marketing and education rely on a design process. The purposes are different (marketing is for commerce; education is for learning), but both integrate media and technology to achieve their goals.

Most of the work I did prior to this MA program had an experimental component of using available media tools to achieve results. However, what I never had and am now gaining is a comprehensive, research-based knowledge of how media contributes to successful learning, which is my real passion. In the New Media & New Literacies program, I am learning how educational objectives connect to principles of good design and use of tools.

I hope that my work educational programs via new media can benefit learners at stages of life both in and beyond the K¬-16 system. I am drawn to explore solutions for a parent or teacher seeking better resources, an individual hoping to make a career transition, or an organization trying to evaluate the use of technology for learning. 

Individualized Course of Study

Courses I have chosen include How We Learn; Transformative Learning and Teaching with Technology; Curriculum Development and Evaluation; and Principles of Software Design for Learning.

I consulted with my adviser and the educational studies management team to select courses that would focus on my interests and goals. The program at Michigan is extremely flexible, and I have been encouraged the whole way to let my goals guide my choices. I am very happy with how well my courses have connected to each other. The School of Education and School of Information have collaborated to produce two of my courses, which has resulted in a very rich experience.

Highlights of the Michigan Experience

Being on campus every day is a gift. I have classmates from many parts of the country and globe. I have become friends with and learned a great deal from them.

Monica invites prospective students to contact her with questions about connecting a different background to the field of education, navigating graduate school as a parent, and living in Michigan.

Miklosovic’s program of study: