Kiel McQueen

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies, Teaching and Teacher Education

Kiel  McQueen, School of Education

Field of Study: PhD Educational Studies--Teaching and Teacher Ed

Geographic Region: West Acton, MA

Undergraduate: Bowdoin College; Arizona State University

Prior to UM: Prior to enrolling in the School of Education, I was the Director of Teacher Leadership Development for Teach For America Rhode Island. In my role I was responsible for managing a cohort of first and second year teachers in the Providence School District as well as designing two different alternative certification partnerships at local Rhode Island universities. I began my educational career as a middle school Social Studies teacher at Sierra Vista Elementary School is South Phoenix, Arizona.

Why your program? I chose the University of Michigan’s School of Education because of its unparalleled tradition and expertise of the faculty. The School of Education has continually been at the forefront of educational research and producing scholars who are making significant contributions to public education. In addition, the expertise and research interests of the faculty distinguished the School of Education from other programs I researched. Having been both a beginning teacher and instructional coach for novice teachers, I knew I wanted to connect with faculty who researched how to best facilitate the growth and development of pre-service teachers. I’ve been fortunate that I am able to study under and interact with a collection of faculty who are interested in answering similar questions to which I hope to pursue.

The best part of SOE so far: The best part of my Michigan experience thus far has been the constant interactions with my doctoral cohort. From the conversations we’ve engaged in the Brandon Center to our classroom discussions, I am continually in awe of my colleagues. I am fortunate to be able to interact with some of the most intelligent and committed individuals I’ve ever met. Each day I learn something new from my colleagues that helps me both refine my own interests, while also helping me grow as a future scholar and practitioner. The cohort model helps distinguish the doctoral experience at the School of Education and is one in which I am incredibly thankful for.

McQueen’s program of study:
Teaching and Teacher Education




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