Bridget Maher

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Bridget  Maher, School of Education

Bridget Maher is a postdoctoral research fellow with the Institute for Social Research and the School of Education. Bridget studies disciplinary literacy practices across the domains of school and life, teaching and instruction, and the literacy skills are a part of “college and career readiness.” Her dissertation study investigated the realities of learning for college students and the experience of students as they transition from secondary to postsecondary academic environments. At the core of her work is the social justice orientation that all people should have opportunities to engage deeply within their learning environments so as to be empowered to reconstruct the inequities that exist in these learning spaces and structures.

On her current project, a multi-year, mixed methods effort called Teaching over Time, Bridget and a research team studies the practices of teachers over the span of their careers to understand how practices and content may have changed over time. Bridget has worked for a variety of research projects as a research associate at the School of Education and the Institute for Social Research, including Clinical Rounds and Measures of Effective Teaching – Extension. She has been an instructor for several secondary education teacher education courses at both the undergraduate and Master’s levels at the School of Education, including disciplinary literacy teaching methods in science and in mathematics.

Bridget uses a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate disciplinary literacy learning and instruction. Her doctoral coursework has included advanced quantitative analysis, complementary methodologies, history of research on literacy, and advanced literacy research theory and methods.

Bridget’s research interests stem from her time serving as a department chair and teaching history, English, and social sciences in middle and high school. Bridget is an alumna of the University of Michigan undergraduate program, and triple majored in history, English, and social studies in secondary education. Bridget earned an M.A. from Harvard University in Language and Literacy, and she holds her PhD in Literacy, Language, and Culture from the University of Michigan, School of Education.

Maher’s program of study:
Literacy, Language, and Culture




School of Education 4003; Institute for Social Research, Thompson Building Office 2302