Helen Kim

Master of Arts in Educational Studies with Elementary Teacher Certification, '12

Helen  Kim, School of Education

My experience in Asia opened my eyes to the world of education as I coordinated different aspects of the children's program for the trip. After that trip, my life became even busier as I was preparing to apply for school again, finishing my prerequisite classes for this program, subbing in elementary schools, and serving as a nanny for five beautiful children all at once.

Being part of the School of Education community has been an experience that I will never forget. From the faculty and staff to the colleagues in my ELMAC cohort, I am enjoying the things that I am learning and the support everyone is providing. The program is demanding and while I may at times feel overstretched, seeing children's faces light up when they solve a math equation or understand the meaning behind a poem makes everything worth it!

My knowledge of Michigan's funding came from my previous financial package for my undergraduate career at the University of Michigan. As an out-of-state student, I applied for and received a scholarship for all four years of my undergraduate program. Therefore, when I applied to the University of Michigan for my graduate program, I researched scholarships for my master's program. However, shortly after admission, I was awarded a scholarship without having to apply for it.

This funding was important because it not only reduced the amount of loans that I would have to apply for, but it confirmed my calling to become the teacher that I am today. The dedication and passion I sowed during my time as an undergrad helped me to move forward in obtaining a graduate education at the University of Michigan.

Also, the quality of education I received during my undergraduate career strengthened my desire to stay at my alma mater for my graduate degree. I am grateful to the faculty and staff at Michigan who helped me become the very teacher I strove to become just a few years back. Now that I am living my dream, I cannot wait to see others (especially students) reach their dreams.

Kim is an elementary teacher in Queens, N.Y. 

Kim’s program of study:
Elementary Teacher Education (ELMAC)