Lauren Kartje

Bachelor of Arts with Elementary Teacher Certification

Field of Study: Undergraduate with Teacher Certification - Elementary Education, Language Arts major

Year in Program: 2nd year (Senior)

Geographic Region: Milan, MI

Undergraduate: None other than UM

Prior to UM: Before coming to UM, I attended high school in Milan, MI.

The best part of SOE so far: The best part of the SOE so far is the first hand experiences in Elementary classrooms throughout Ann Arbor. I truly feel that I have seen a broad range of age groups and types of teaching and think that this will be valuable as I look to shape myself into a teacher. Being paired with a couple other students from the program while in a classroom helps to give support as you transition into your teaching assignments and start to really feel comfortable in front of a classroom. 

After graduation: My hope is to teach outside of Michigan on one coast or the other! I would like to teach for a few years and then pursue a masters degree in administration or arts education.

Teach me something! As you get acclimated to the school of education, try out all the different study spots in the building! It is always nice to get out of the library and have a change of scenery. The Brandon Center is a great resource in the building for small meetings, catching up on individual work, using some of their unique technology resources, or grabbing a quick drink from the free pop machine between classes!


Kartje’s program of study:
Elementary Teacher Education