Leanne Kang

Graduate Student Instructor, Doctoral Candidate in Educational Foundations and Policy

Leanne Kang is a doctoral candidate in Educational Foundations and Policy. She is interested in researching urban education reform, specifically examining the radical transformation of the public schooling landscape in the city of Detroit within the last thirty years. She draws on education history, political science, and sociology to study urban school reform at the turn of the millennium. Prior to graduate school, Kang taught in an urban high school in New Jersey for six years. Her experience as a teacher motivates her to generate research that not only explains the effects of current school reform on students, parents, teachers, and communities, but also provide implications for how to improve public policy for urban education in the twenty-first century.

In 2013, Kang and Kelly Slay, a doctoral student in higher education, have received funding from the Center for Public Policy in Diverse Societies at the Ford School for their ongoing project on the role of race and politics in school reform in Detroit.

Kang teaches EDUC 392: Education in a Multicultural Society and is the graduate student instructor for EDUC 641: History of American Education. She is also a research assistant working on various projects for the Detroit Schools-Higher Education Consortium (DSHEC).

Kang’s program of study:
Educational Foundations and Policy




Room 4218
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