Justin Amann

Master of Arts in Higher Education

Field of Study: MA Higher Education - Individualized concentration

Year in Program: 2nd Year

Where do you HAIL from? Bethlehem, PA

Prior degree(s): History, East Stroudsburg University

Why your program? I chose to study higher education because of my experiences at my undergraduate institution. I was involved in student advocacy and had some great mentors that allowed me to be a part of decision making circles. More specifically, once I got to Michigan I realized that there are so many options for specialization that I decided to create my own path and take courses that aligned with my interest.

The best part of SOE so far: The people. It seems cliche, but the faculty and staff of CSHPE are great educators and mentors. Our faculty are some of the best scholars in the country and they challenge us everyday to think with an open mind and do our best.

After graduation: Always the hardest question! I want to work in the division of Academic Affairs. I would like to be involved in curriculum development, service-learning, academic advising and related fields. I worked for a Provost/VP for Academic Affairs for the last summer and loved every moment. Oh, and eventually earn that doctorate!

Teach me something! They have so much to offer aside from what they have time to share in class. I would also say to find routines that work for you -- this is often trial/error. You get many study/writing tips, but ultimately you just need to discover what work for you. When you find this, it makes a difference!