Allison Jordet

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Teacher Education

Allison  Jordet, School of Education

Field of Study: Elementary Education - Integrated Science

Year in Program: 2nd year

Geographic Region: Dearborn, MI

Why your program? My passion for working with children and helping them become better learners drove my desire to enter the School of Education. One of my sisters went through the School of Education program here at the University of Michigan and she said it was a fantastic program. Also, it is one of the highest ranked education programs in the country, so I knew it would be the right program to join as I pursue my teaching certification.

The best part of SOE so far: All of the time I have spent in the field has been invaluable. Field experience gives me the opportunity to enact all of the practices I have been taught in my education courses. Not only does it give me the opportunity to refine my practices, but it also allows me to work with students on a more consistent, regular basis. The SOE's Teacher Education program tries to place teaching interns in a diverse atmosphere, which may be quite different than someone's hometown. Having the opportunity to work in Willow Run Community Schools has been a highlight of my time in the program. I have learned a lot from teaching and working with elementary students in the Willow Run School District.

Teach me something! A piece of advice I would share with a prospective Teacher Education student is to bond with your fellow classmates in your cohort. They will become a huge support system for you that is priceless.

Jordet’s program of study:
Elementary Teacher Education