Sarah Ikenberry

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Teacher Education

Sarah  Ikenberry, School of Education

Field of Study: BA Elementary Education- Language Arts Concentration 

Year in Program: BA student, second year 

Age: 22 

Geographic Region: Rockford, IL 

Prior to UM: I came from a tiny high school in Rockford, IL. Before starting in the School of Education I was in UofM's nursing school, and transferred into the SOE my senior year. Since the BA program is a 2 year program, I'm doing my "victory lap" year. I'm so happy where I am so what's one more year? (Sorry Mom and Dad) 

Why your program? I chose Language Arts because I have a true passion for teaching kids how to read. It's the foundation for learning that all other subjects will be built upon and through reading you can learn about so many different things! I am very passionate about providing kids with open minds and hearts about school. I believe if I can empower them to read I can empower them to dream big. 

The best part of SOE so far: I have love, love, loved being a part of the cohorts. One thing I missed coming from a small high school was the small class sizes and the sense of community. SOE has given me just that, and even further. We are a group of individuals with the same outlook on education. We are a support system for each other and a family. It has been fantastic working with these amazing future educators of the world. 

After graduation: Immediately following graduation, I'm not sure what's next for me. All I know is in some way shape or form, I want to be surrounded by kids instilling knowledge. It may in in Chicago or through the Peace Corps--but, that's my dream. 

Teach me something! I would advise students to get involved right away! UofM has so many clubs and activities to offer. Form an Intramural Broom Ball team. Don't know how to play broom ball? Me neither. Neither do most people. But hey, it could be a fun bonding experience for your friends. Volunteer! Go Greek! Or you could join an A Cappella group like I did. Whatever it is you join, I encourage you to just put yourself out there. This is a giant school and it's important to find a community or small group activity to make this school seem smaller. 

Ikenberry’s program of study:
Elementary Teacher Education