Masatake Hirono

Master of Arts in Higher Education

Masatake  Hirono, School of Education

Field of Study: MA Higher Education - Institutional Research

Year in Program: 2nd Year

Where do you HAIL from? Japan

Prior degree(s): Social Science, Ritsumeikan University

Before coming to U-M: I came to U-M just after finishing my Bachelor's program in my country. As a part of extra-curricular activities, I was dedicated to operation of summer school for Japanese high school students.

Why your program? Because it sounds very exciting to examine strategies and policies in higher education institution from quantitative standpoint. The population of youngsters in my country has been declining, thereby putting much pressure on university's management. I think that learning institutional research might provides a better solution to change the status quo.

The best part of SOE so far: We have a sense of unity among students, faculty and administrative staff. Plus, it is very impressive to accumulate hands-on experiences through internship program.

Teach me something! We can get our hands on various ingredients here in Ann Arbor. So, cooking every meal is one of my favorites to relax in our busy-graduate-student life.