Dan Hazekamp

Master of Arts in Educational Studies and Master of Business Administration (Dual Degree), '11

Dan  Hazekamp, School of Education

Field of Study: Dual degree: MA in Educational Studies and MBA

Year in Program: c/o 2011

Geographic Region: Grand Rapids, MI

Undergraduate: Central Michigan University

Prior to UM: After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to manage several Jimmy John’s franchises. When the opportunity arose to open my own franchise in Syracuse, New York, I seized it despite words of caution from my father who felt the move was too risky. I felt that the bigger risk was staying put and missing an opportunity. I opened my store and realized my dream of being my own boss. I employed several undergraduate students at my store and enjoyed teaching them about the business of entrepreneurship. I got to thinking, why can’t we instill the entrepreneurial spirit at a younger age? Why not start teaching leadership skills at the middle and high school levels? With that, my interest in business education was born.

Why your program? As a lifelong University of Michigan enthusiast, the Ross School of Business was my first choice when it came time to apply to MBA programs. I was particularly interested in the dual-degree programs available. After completing my first year as a full-time MBA student, I applied for the MBA/MA-educational studies program and was admitted. 

The best part of SOE so far: I took my first education class and noticed right away major differences between the schools. The 500-person cohorts and practically-focused courses at Ross contrasted greatly with the small, personal cohorts and theoretically-focused courses in education. I had to “learn a new language” in my education courses, which was challenging, but also intellectually stimulating. The courses provoked me to think at a level that I’m not accustomed to thinking at. While most of my social network is at Ross, I value the conversations I had with my School of Education peers.

Teach me something! I liked to spend my relaxing time at the gym, watching college basketball, kayaking, or hopping on a plane to explore someplace new. During my MA programs, I traveled to Guatemala, Japan, and Singapore, either on Ross-affiliated trips or on my own. These were only the beginnings of my world travel adventures. I am a risk-taker who never misses an opportunity to try something new!

Hazekamp’s program of study:
Educational Studies and MBA (Dual Degree)