Dan Hay

Master of Arts in Higher Education

Field of Study: Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education, Masters

Year in Program: 1st Year

Geographic Region: Charlotte, NC

Undergraduate: HS - Providence Day School; Undergrad. - Boston College

Prior to UM: I'm coming right out of undergrad.! But during my time at Boston College, I spent most of my time in the following roles: I was a resident assistant for two years, worked in the information technology services department, volunteered with the admissions office as a panelist, and spent two summers working with a pre-college program (among other things)

The best part of SOE so far: The Brandon Center! It has such a good environment for doing homework, both solo and with a group. We made a study group for stats the first week and have loved being able to used the Brandon Center during the week to meet up because it's in a great location and is a great place to be. 

After graduation: Good question! I'm interested in public policy, I'm interested in working on a college campus, and I'm interested in quite a lot of other things too. The next few semesters will be very enlightening and will hopefully help me narrow things down. Whatever comes next, I have a sneaking suspicion that my formal education won't yet be over because I know I'd love to do some sort of doctoral program. 

Teach me something! There are so many parks in Ann Arbor. The thing that struck me most was how many I came across just walking/biking around the town. One time, I went for a short run and saw this small path between two houses and it turned out to lead to another huge open field, and it seems like those are all over. The other thing that is really cool is that Museum of Natural History and the Planetarium. When I came to UM, I had no idea that either of those were here. I think that that's awesome that we have a planetarium on campus. UM is just full of surprises, so if I were advising people on what to do, I would tell them to walk around campus and see what they come across. Odds are there's something fun going on, or a restaurant they've never been to or heard of before. It's hard/impossible to run out of things to do here it seems.