Bethany Harrigan

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Teacher Education

Bethany  Harrigan, School of Education

Field of Study: BA Secondary Education: Social Studies and English 

Year in Program:  2nd Year

Age: 20 

Geographic Region: Traverse City, MI 

Prior to UM: Before becoming an undergrad at Michigan, I attended Traverse City West Senior High in the Cherry Capitol of the World. I was heavily involved in drumline and debate. My first job was at Big Boy, and I have been serving ever since. Currently, I am a student manager at the Student Organization Resource Center and a Substitute Teacher on days I do not have class. 

Why your program? I chose to become a teacher my Junior year of high school after many leadership positions gave me the confidence that I would be able to do the same for the rest of my life. Since, I have enriched my own life through the education of others--nothing is more fulfilling than seeing comprehension of a new concept or development growth in today's youth. I chose secondary education in Social STudies and English as I see them as essential for adolescents to be able to understand. More than just concept, the "soft sciences" allow for great character development and intellectual growth. Email me if you want a less vague answer! 

The best part of SOE so far: So far, the best part of the School of Ed has been the small cohort sizes and continuation of a rigid coursework with such cohorts. It's comforting to know that the people you meet at the beginning of your time in SOE will be there as you graduate. There is a newfound sense of community in such a large school, and all look to have group development--not just personal success. 

After graduation: After graduation, I look to immediately settle down as a teacher in a suburban high school. I plan on continuing to a Master's Program, but do not forsee ever stalling my teaching career. 


Harrigan’s program of study:
Secondary Teacher Education