Handi Kurniawan

MA in Educational Studies: New Media and New Literacies

Student status: Current student, full time

Geographic region of origin: Jakarta, Indonesia

Education prior to Ed Studies MA:

MBA from the University of Western Australia and Post-Graduate Diploma from Japan America Institute of Management Science, Hawaii.

Prior to Joining the Program

I have been working for 16 years in positions that have included: Director at Sinar Mas Group in Indonesia, Director of Learning and Talent Development ASEAN at Standard Chartered Bank based in Singapore, and Business Planning Manager at General Electric.

Why the New Media and New Literacies Program?

I’m essentially a corporate professional, with a strong interest in education and personal development. My role has been managing the leadership, learning and talent development division with a mission to help employees learn and grow in the area of technical and professional development.

As technology advances, I want to really understand about technology, especially learning technology. The New Media and New Literacies program at U-M provides the best curriculum and platform, taught by the best professors in the country. 

Individualized Course of Study

Courses I have chosen include:

My core courses are outstanding and my electives serve to provide a solid educational foundation and broaden my mind about educational issues and theories.

Highlights of the Michigan Experience

What I love most about U-M are the people. My classmates and friends are very talented, friendly, and respectful. This is a university that produces leaders and best.

In addition to the courses, there are so many extracurricular activities that we can choose. For example, in my first semester I chose to be part of the TEDxUofM team.  

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are in the DNA of the University of Michigan. I like the ratio of international students to domestic students and we all get along very well. I have been many places around the world and Ann Arbor is certainly a global city.

Handi invites prospective students to contact him with any questions about the program or student life.

Kurniawan’s program of study: