Grace Han

MA in Educational Studies: New Media and New Literacies

Student status: Alum, graduated 2012

Geographic region of origin: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Previous education: University of Michigan B.A. Communication Studies, Minor in Native American Studies.

Prior to Joining the Program

I joined the program after obtaining a B.A. in Communications and working with the Arts Education programs at the Ann Arbor Art Center.

Why the New Media and New Literacies Program? 

I joined the program because I was intrigued by the use of technology in museum education. I wanted to know how successful these implementations were, and how museums would integrate technology. After the program, I wanted to be able to directly apply what I learned in an educational setting. 

Individualized Course of Study

Courses I chose included: Humanities Approaches to American Culture (College of Literature, Science and the Arts: American Culture); Transformative Learning and Teaching with Technology; Videogames, Learning and School Design and Topics in Educational Studies: Classroom Assessment.

I chose those courses consecutively, because I was able to directly apply the skills that I had learned to my student and it created an authentic learning and teaching experience.

After taking the graduate class for Video games, Learning, and School Design, I was able to lead a section of undergraduate students in the same course.

Highlights of the Michigan Experience

During my graduate studies, Dr. Fishman went beyond his role as advisor to make sure I was set up for success. Even after I graduated, Dr. Fishman was a resource in and outside of my classroom. He is just one of many talented and involved professors who shaped my experience at Michigan.

My graduate courses were project based, and my instructors were eager to encourage my interests.

I was a coxswain with the Men’s Rowing Team in undergrad, and was able to continue my involvement with the Michigan Men’s Rowing Team during the master's program. My flexible schedule allowed me to assist as a coach and balance my graduate courses.

Life after U-M

I joined Teach for America after graduating from the program to experience the classroom and then eventually move onto further education research. I chose to teach first before moving on to experience how best to utilize technology in an educational environment. However, I have stayed in the classroom, because I strongly believe in equity and inclusion in education.

Dr. Fishman once told me that if people are not listening, it’s because you are not engaging. I value the knowledge and experience of my professors, and everything they shared with me. I still apply lessons learned from my graduate studies in my classroom in Harlem.

Grace invites prospective students to contact her about diversity in education and careers in the classroom.

Han’s program of study: