Simona Goldin

Director of Instructional Design for Seminars and Special Programs Editor, Working Papers

Simona  Goldin, School of Education

Simona Goldin is a research specialist at TeachingWorks. Her work has included co-directing the Elementary Mathematics Laboratory and directing the journal club, streaming seminar series, and AACTE/TeachingWorks Preparing Teachers for Practice strand.

Her research interests include the relationship between policy and practice, efforts to improve teaching and learning in urban schools, and the work that students do in classrooms to learn. Her early work on studenting examined historically rooted arguments about the activities and tasks that students must engage in to learn, and examined how educators, theorists, researchers, and sociologists have understood studenting.

More recently, she has studied ways to transform the preparation of beginning teachers to teach in more equitable ways, and has elaborated the teaching practices that bridge children’s work in schools on academic content with their home and community-based experiences. With colleagues, she has designed and studied innovative instructional resources and unique opportunities–namely, home visits, performance assessments, and new pedagogies of teacher education. Across each of these has been the focus on supporting novice teachers’ capabilities to develop instructionally rich, respectful relationships with families. With her colleagues, Goldin has presented and written widely about this research.

Goldin holds a master’s degree in management and urban policy analysis from the New School University and a PhD in educational studies from the University of Michigan. 

Goldin teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at the school of education at the University of Michigan.


Selected Publications

Khasnabis, D., & Goldin, S. (2016). "Learning From Escuela: Using Documentary Film as a Context for Shared Teacher Learning." Multicultural Perspectives, 18(1).

Goldin, S., Khasnabis, D., & McMahon, K. (2016). "Designing a case-study assessment protocol to measure growth in planning culturally responsive teaching practice." SAGE Research Methods Cases. In press.

Khasnabis, D., Goldin, S., & McMahon, K. (2015). "Critiquing Colbert:  Using Case Study as a Tool for Supporting Culturally Responsive Teaching Practice." In L. G. Putney & N. P. Gallavan (Eds.), ATE yearbook XXIV: Establishing a sense of place for all learners in 21st century classrooms and schools. Landham, MD: Roman and Littlefield.

Cohen, D.K., Purach, D.J., Glazer, J.L., Gates, K., Goldin, S. (2013).  Improvement by Design: The Promise of Better Schools.  University of Chicago Press.

Cohen, D.K., Moffitt, S. L., & Goldin, S. (2007). "Policy and Practice: The Dilemma." American Journal of Education. 113:515-548. 


Research Affiliations


9/15/2013 - 9/15/2015 The Family Centered Education Experience: Preparing New Teachers for Understanding and Teaching in Diverse Communities.
Granting Agency: U-M Office of the Provost - Transforming Learning for a Third Century Discovery

3/18/2011 - 3/18/2012 Records of Practice: Means for Engaging Students in the Examination of How the Complex and Adaptive Practices of Teaching Might be Understood and Learned
Granting Agency: Center for Research on Learning and Teaching

Courses & Syllabi

Term Catalogue Course Description Syllabus
Winter 2018 EDUC 119. Education Policy in a Multicultural Society Promoted course. Read description »

Fall 2011 EDUC 118. Introduction to Education: Schooling and Multicultural Society EDUC 118. Schooling in a Multicultural Society

Winter 2012 EDUC 118. Introduction to Education: Schooling and Multicultural Society EDUC 118. Schooling in a Multicultural Society

Winter 2014 EDUC 118. Introduction to Education: Schooling and Multicultural Society EDUC 118. Schooling in a Multicultural Society

Winter 2017 EDUC 218. Homelessness in Schools and Society: Engaged Practice in School Serving Organizations Promoted course. Read description »

Fall 2010 EDUC 649. Foundational Perspectives on Educational Reform EDUC 649. Foundational Perspectives on Educational Reform


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