Tremell Goins Jr.

MA in Educational Studies, Educational Leadership and Policy (LEADPOL)

Tremell  Goins Jr., School of Education

Student Status: Alum, graduated 2015

Geographic Region: Chicago, Illinois

Undergraduate: Morgan Park High School, University of Illinois at Chicago

Education prior to Ed Studies MA: Curriculum designer for non-profit organizations, teacher's aide and substitute teacher in Chicago Public Schools, math tutor for several Boys & Girls Clubs in Chicago. 

Highlights of the Michigan Experience 

For me, there is no single best part. Everyone I have encountered has been so insightful and encouraging. Also, it has been pleasantly surprising to know that my professors are not only knowledgeable but also accessible; I haven't once been made to feel like an outsider. My classmates have also been a bright spot of this experience. I've grown so much by being exposed to ambitious individuals from various walks of life and I've made several new friends in the process. I truly feel prepared for the next stage of my academic career.

I love shooting pool at 8 Ball Saloon over on 1st Street. The atmosphere is great and there's free popcorn (if you're into that sort of thing). There's also great sandwiches at Dibella's. If you haven't been, I suggest you check it out (I'm a big fan of their Cheesesteak).  

Goins Jr.’s program of study:
Educational Leadership and Policy