Nicole Garcia

Chief Program Officer

Nicole  Garcia, School of Education

Nicole Garcia focuses on the design and implementation of practice-based approaches to the professional training of K-12 teachers. At TeachingWorks, she leads the mathematics team’s development of assessments, curricular materials, and multimedia supports for mathematics teacher educators. In addition, she directs the Elementary Mathematics Laboratory, including overseeing the design and enactment of practice-based professional development for teacher candidates, practicing teachers, and teacher educators. An experienced secondary mathematics teacher, Nicole brings expertise in working with students who have not been successful in school mathematics. She taught at an award-winning Middle/Early College that is highly successful in supporting the mathematics learning of such students. In past work, Nicole directed a regional mathematics and science center, provided professional development to K-12 mathematics teachers, and facilitated state-wide education projects. Nicole earned a BS and MA in mathematics education at the University of Michigan.


Research Affiliations


9/1/2016 - ongoing Organizing to Learn Practice: Teacher Learning in Classroom-Focused Professional Development
Granting Agency: National Science Foundation


Room 1005 H